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INFO: Important changes under Vietnam's New Penal Code. To take effect on 1 July 2016, Vietnam's New Penal Code extends to those working in the private sector the application of certain corruption-related offences, including (i) embezzlement, (ii) receiving bribe, (iii) giving bribe (including bribes to foreign officials and officials of public international organisations), and (iv) bribery.

INFO: Call to plug leakages in Malaysia gov't procurements. Malaysia's anti-graft commission says it has discovered serious loopholes in the government procurement system that is widely open to abuse.
Read the story by Aliza Shah, in New Straits Times:

INFO: Indonesia gov't urged to revoke political rights of corruption convicts, suspects. A legal and political expert has said ex-graft convicts and corruption suspects should not be allowed to run in local elections and if necessary, the government should revoke their political rights for life.

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