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[Report] Message misunderstood: Why raising awareness of corruption can backfire. U4 argues that Anti-Corruption strategies almost always contain an awareness raising element. Findings in report suggest that resources spent on awareness might be wasted or do more harm than good. Primarily because it might contribute to reinforcing beliefs that the problem is too big to solve, and the study found that a variety of messages have no impact. Christian Michelsen's Institute (CMI) U4:   [Opinion] Paper to programs: A tech-based strategy to solve the Sri Lankan economic crisis. The columnist Rumi Nagpal argues that the paper records used to store land titles and other bureaucratic systems are inefficient. The introduction of blockchain technology would a allow for land titles to be stored, linked, and transferred digitally is both more efficient, and it guarantees reduce

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European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA) welcomes the updated EU Maritime Security Strategy. The new strategy among other things, aims to strengthen the resilience and protection of logistical hubs, including addressing risks associated with corruption and illicit activities. Shipping is essential for Europe's energy security; food security and security of supply says General Secretary of ECSA. Safety4Sea:   [Opinion] Wake Up, South Africa, and act against corruption. A positive programme of measures is necessary to restore legal and ethical practice in the SA economy. Peter Hain recommended in a lecture at the University of Cape Town, the establishment of a public procurement Anti-Corruption agency, Improved whistle blower protection, parliamentary oversight and a permanent anti-state capture and corruption commission. Business Day:

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"Youth Against Corruption" event in Kazakhstan. Earlier this month, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)'s Programme Office in Astana organized an event focusing on raising awareness and encouraging action against corruption. "As Kazakhstan continues to implement anti-corruption reforms, the involvement of youth will be crucial to ensuring their success and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability". OSCE:   Integrity Authority of Hungary adopted its first report. " Educating the players of the economic sector, members of the whole of society and those in involved in public sector procurement about conflict of interest and graft prevention issues" the newly established authority highlights in its report currently submitted to the government. The Budapest Times:

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[Report] Updated guidance to Beneficial Ownership (BO) of Legal Persons. Financial Action Task Force (FATF) last year agreed on tougher global BO standards in its recommendation 24. The updated recommendation is now public, aiming to assist policy makers and practitioners in national authorities and private sector stakeholders to implement necessary measures. FATF-GAFI:   Environmental auditors approve green labels for products linked to deforestation. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) recently led a cross-border investigation exposing how the lightly regulated sustainability industry overlooks forest destruction and human rights violations when granting environmental certifications. Lack of transparency and accountability in the auditing industry has led UK and Dutch agencies to estimate that 40% of eco-friendly claims "could

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Why frontier technologies will drive the fight against corruption. World Economic Forum (WEF) points to 3 important core tensions when looking at the impact that rapid technological development can have future on anti-corruption efforts. Privacy vs Transparency, freedom of speech vs protecting human dignity and freedom of choice vs the need to ensure human autonomy are key dilemmas that should be addressed. WEF:   Corruption as the most serious issue in Croatia. A report from Freedom House highlights that even though civil and political rights are generally respected in Croatia, corruption in the public sector is a serious issue, scoring only 2/4. "The score declined from 3 to 2 due to systemic corruption among government ministers and officials" says the report. Euractiv:

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Anticipation of Anti-Corruption (AC) bill in return of billion-dollar loan from IMF. Sri Lanka has been urged by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reduce corruption vulnerabilities such as improving fiscal transparency, public financial management (PFM), AC legal frameworks and conduct an in-depth governance diagnostic in return of a $2.9 billion loan. Economy Next:   Six corruption prevention actions in Indonesia. The minister of National Planning and Development, which is also a member of the Corruption Prevention National Team that efforts focusing on state finance will include among others; Digitalization to synergize poverty alleviation programmes, increase effectiveness of development spending by improved government procurement audits and reduce state revenue leakage by structuring the governments fixed assets. Antara News:

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India's money laundering laws will apply to trade in cryptocurrencies. Despite that the country is yet to finalize legislation and regulation surrounding cryptocurrencies, the government notified that it will encompass transfers in digital assets and exchanges between virtual and fiat currencies. NDTV:   Emirati and Jordanian experts discuss shared interest in auditing process and anti-corruption efforts. Exploring ways to enhance competencies, shared experiences, promotion of integrity and transparency and future strategic partnerships were on the agenda when a UAE delegation met with the Audit Bureau of Jordan. Arab News:   TI: Bosnia and Herzegovina proposal would re-criminalize defamation. "Freedoms of expression and the press are essential to hold power to account, and the public must r