Corruption and climate action / Bhutan investigation hurdles / Thailand Corrections department case

World leaders at COP26: urgently shift perspectives to prevent corruption from crippling climate action.  “Transparency International is urging world leaders to bolster transparency, accountability and integrity to ensure effective action against climate crisis…Climate crisis is also a governance challenge, but the need for anti-corruption safeguards has so far been largely absent from climate talks.” Transparency International:     Corruption: hurdle to change and progress.  “Investigators are already seeing a new challenge as they expose more and more people. If those being investigated use their “networks” to interfere in the investigations, we are not helping ourselves. The [Bhutan Anti-Corruption Commission] had warned that those trying to interfere and “frustrate the investigation will face rigorous examination and will not be spared from legal consequences

Viet Nam business integrity support / China tech company payments abroad / Privatization not for anti-corruption

Aiding business integrity via private sector education (Opinion).  “The [Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s] commitment to promote and strengthen business integrity in Vietnam is specifically mentioned as a positive example of private sector engagement in the latest UNCAC review report…More recently, the VCCI and the UNDP launched the Vietnam Business Integrity Network (VBIN). This is the first private sector collective action initiative committed to fostering a culture of business integrity and anti-corruption compliance in Vietnam.” Vietnam Investment Review:     Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Had Secret Offshore Contracts With Men Linked to Serbian State Telecom Company.  “A former executive at state telecom company Telekom Srbija likely received over $1 million through an offshore firm in the British Virgin Islands that had contracts with Chinese technology giant Huawei…Althou

Mongolia digitalized land registration / Open Contracting Legislative Guide / Thailand oil conglomerate policy

Mongolia: fully digitalized land registration government services.  “On October 1, 2021, Mongolia introduced an electronic land registration system and fully digitalized land registration government services. This allows citizens and businesses to receive documents related to land possession and use them free of charge, reducing unnecessary permits, queues, and paperwork.” Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia:     Open Contracting Legislative Guide (Resource).   “This new report provides insights and guidance on how countries have cemented open contracting approaches into their legislation modernizing public procurement, supporting reforms that put transparency, efficiency, and equity at its core.” Open Contracting Partnership :     IRPC vows to stamp out corruption.  IRPC Plc

Narrative of anti-corruption failure / Thailand reopening jeopardized / Republic of Korea casino hiring scandal

Guest Post: Contesting the Narrative of Anticorruption Failure (Blog).  “My point here is not to denigrate academics…But still, a certain strain in academic writing about anticorruption efforts disturbs me. This strain overemphasizes and exaggerates failure…My challenge to the world’s finest scholars on corruption is this: spend as much time as you have on analyzing failure on finding out what has worked, and why it worked.” Robert Barrington/The Global Anticorruption Blog :     Corruption jeopardises reopening plan (Opinion).  “All the Covid-19 debacles have been derived from corruption and dereliction of duty of state officials who turned a blind eye to legal violations by some business operators. Unless the government learns the lessons and truly tackle such malpractice, it will not be possible to keep the coronavirus at bay.” Chairith Yonpia

UNDP public procurement event / Beneficial ownership and Pandora Papers / Future of OGP and EITI

The Role of Public Procurement in Achieving the SDGs (Virtual Event).  “We are pleased to invite you to the ASEAN Regional Dialogue on The Role of Public Procurement in Achieving the SDGs, which will take place on 27th and 28th October 2021…The Regional Dialogue will bring together government representatives from the region, private sector leaders and civil society representatives interested in learning more about and/or implementing the sustainable public procurement agenda via the SDGs, integrity, and value-for-money lenses.” UNDP:     Pandora Papers: Lessons for beneficial ownership transparency? (Blog).   “Whilst the Pandora Papers confirm the already known problems associated with current business as usual, they also include signs of progress. It is clear that beneficial ownership information is a fundamental piece of data to aid the fight against financial crime, but much work remains to ensure data is

World Bank anti-corruption symposium / Connecting anti-corruption and human rights / Proactive Integrity Reviews

Symposium on Data Analytics and Anticorruption (Event).  “A Symposium on Data Analytics and Anticorruption will be co-hosted by the World Bank and the Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management on October 25-28…The papers cover four thematic areas: New data-driven approaches to detecting and measuring corruption; Using new data sources and methods to measure the impacts of corruption; Using open data to assess the effectiveness of anticorruption tools, policies, and interventions; Contributing new knowledge on  data access, quality, and privacy issues.” World Bank :   Thank you to James Anderson, World Bank for sharing this news.   Connecting the anti-corruption and human rights agendas: challenges and opportunities for Collective Action (Blog).  “While a majority of participating companies identified potential synergies between the human rights age

Thailand gloves procurement case / Indonesia ministers in Pandora Papers / Mongolia imprisonment sentence implementation

Gloves come off in corruption case.  “The Public Warehouse Organisation (PWO) [under the Ministry of Commerce Thailand] has fired three senior officials for alleged corruption in the purchase of 112.5-billion-baht (approx. US$3.3 billio) worth of rubber gloves and ordered them to pay 2 billion baht (approx. US$59 million) compensation in damages.” Phusadee Arunmas/Bangkok Post:     Coordinating ministers named in Pandora Papers.   “Two of Indonesia’s coordinating ministers are mentioned in the latest leak of financial documents, dubbed the Pandora Papers, which revealed they had established offshore shellcopmanies in tax havens, allegedly tying them to unreported wealth stored overseas…Among them are Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Pandjaitan and Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister Airlangga Hartarto” Dio Suhenda and Yerica Lai/The Jakarta Post: https:/