World Whistleblowers Day / Accural reporting for accountability / Case against high-denomination notes

World Whistleblowers Day 2021: speaking up against corruption is crucial for a just world, and we’re here to help (Statement).  “World Whistleblowers Day on 23 June is an occasion for us to celebrate the courageous individuals who come forward to report corruption…We’ll also keep on pushing for legal protection, so that whistleblowers can safely expose and help prevent corruption, ultimately building integrity across our societies.” Transparency International:     Improving Accountability Around The World Through Accruals.   “Corruption and cronyism has been hitting headlines around the world off the back of dubious procurement practices and a loosening of scrutiny brought about by the emergency situation. In this context, transparent accounts that support good decision making, accountability, and public trust are more important than ever b

Afghanistan US contractors departure / Mental model for front-line reformers / Bangladesh money laundering issue

Departure of U.S. Contractors Poses Myriad Problems for Afghan Military (Commentary).  “Contractors in Afghanistan have long operated under a system that is susceptible to corruption and mismanagement. Transferring their payments through another entity — in this case the Afghan government — is bound to make the contracts even more open to charges of corruption, lawmakers and independent analysts warn.” Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt/The New York Times:     SFRA: A mental model for front-line reformers (Blog).  “ We have tried to codify this into a pragmatic mental model that front-line reformers can use to develop better anti-corruption strategies. Its purpose is deliberately limited: to enable context-specific thinking about which particular corruption issues could be addressed to build up a set of feasible strategy options. This mental model is called SFRA: Secto

Assemblage theory for reforms / Mongolia business licenses / Chinese contractor debarred

The Role of Assemblage Theory in Rethinking Anticorruption Reform (Blog).  “First, assemblage theory suggests that the reasons anticorruption reforms fail...might lie beyond the borders of individual countries…[Second,] assemblage theory encourages researchers and policymakers to track a vast array of actors, ideas, and objects that can help bring about change—an enterprise that may help expose relationships and engagements that are sometimes hidden.” Grant Walton/The Global Anticorruption Blog:      Mongolia: business licenses will be issued online, with a more transparent and open procedure.   “Mr. Sainzorig, Head of the Legal Policy Department of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia, briefed the public on the draft Law on License… Under this law, the licensing procedure will be conducted in electronic form, and human particip

Pacific Anti-Corruption Updates (18 June 2021): PNG, Fiji

New Pacific university anti-corruption course launched.  A new anti-corruption course focusing on Pacific Island countries was launched virtually by the University of the South Pacific in partnership with the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project (UN-PRAC).   PNG: The Papua New Guinea's Indepent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) should be fully operational by the end of 2022. Chairman of ICAC Thomas Eluh made this assurance in a press conference in Port Moresby   FIJI: UN Resident Coordinator Samarasinha: No plans to leave Fiji. The United Nations currently has about 1600 staff members and their dependents in Fiji, says Sanaka Samarasinha, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Fiji.   To know more about the UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project pleas

Humor in anti-corruption campaigns / Bangladesh balancing secrecy and transparency / UNGASS grand corruption agenda

Corruption Should Be a Laughing Matter (Blog).  “There are plenty of other examples of anticorruption activists effectively using humor as part of their campaigns…A Chinese artist known as Badiucao has used satirical art to bring attention to the ruling party’s political corruption, including a famous “promotional poster” for the TV series House of Cards, with Xi Jinping sitting on the throne instead of series villain Frank Underwood. His art helped spark renewed criticism of the regime and is credited with inspiring political cartoons throughout Hong Kong’s democratic uprising against China’s controversial 2019 extradition bill.” Brooke Davies/The Global Anticorruption Blog:   Whistleblowing and Secrecy Law: Where is the Balance? (Opinion).   “The rationality of such colonial-time regressive laws [such as the Official Secrets Act] needs to be assessed against our constitutional g

Mongolia presidential candidates' policies / Nepal vaccine procurement / Malaysia migrant labor conundrum

Mongolia: presidential election candidates’ anti-corruption policy.  “Candidates from the three parliamentary parties made their election promises and participated in the Presidential Election of Mongolia. Election promises outline the following activities to be initiated and implemented in the fight against corruption.” Sofie Arjon Schütte/University of Melbourne:     Nepal’s Vaccine Disaster Has Left Millions Unprotected.  “A corruption scandal has led to the effective halt of the vaccination program—leaving many people unable to get the important second shot and even more without even their first…Even if the government had wanted to pay what was, in effect, a coercive demand by a middleman, Nepal’s public procurement law has no provisions that would allow the government to pay a commission to agents under a government-to-government deal.” Arun Budhathoki/Foreign Policy:

Malaysia 1MDB recovery / US FCPA enforcement / Philippines SEC crackdown

Goldman Sachs’ Malaysian unit to be sentenced over 1MDB role.   “Goldman Sachs Group Inc will have 10 days to pay the remaining US$1.26 billion (RM5.2 billion) of a US$2.3 billion penalty for its role in the 1MDB fraud scheme after its Malaysian unit is sentenced” Free Malaysia Today:     Biden Memorandum on Combating Corruption Likely Means Increased FCPA Enforcement.  ““[The] Biden Administration issued a Memorandum on Establishing the Fight Against Corruption as a Core United States National Security Interest… [It portends] the likelihood of increased enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by the Biden Administration going forward, not only by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) operating with increased enforcement resources, but also with the coordinated assistance of other federal depa