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Daily Corruption News 27 February 2017 Today's Top StoryUK/UkraineUniversity accepted over £6 million from wanted Ukrainian oligarch
Varsity (TI Mention)
The University of Cambridge accepted over £6 million from a Ukrainian oligarch who is wanted on criminal charges.
More NewsSouth AfricaHawks deny claims it’s investigating Jonas for corruption
Eye Witness News UkraineTo battle fake news, Ukrainian show features nothing but lies
The New York Times NigeriaGroup launches ‘Corruption Anonymous’ to aid whistle blower policy
Premium Times ChinaFormer China Resources chairman Song Lin pleads guilty to corruption
South China Morning Post News from Transparency InternationalFeatureApplications now open for the Transparency Summer School on Integrity 2017
Daily Corruption News 24 February 2017 Today's Top StoryFrance'Teflon' Le Pen unshaken as corruption plagues French election
The Guardian
Where scandals have wounded François Fillon, accusations slide off Front National candidat…

Ethical Alliance Daily News (27 and 24 Feb 2017)

South Korea: South Korean graft investigators say they won’t be able to question president Park
Feb 27, 2017 08:00 pm
South Korean  President Park Geun Hye told the Constitutional Court in a statement disclosed on Monday (Feb 27) that she did not advance her own interests while in office as the court prepares to rule on whether to uphold her... Read More Brazil: Brazil police expand corruption probe to railway contracts
Feb 27, 2017 07:30 pm Brazilian police said they launched a probe into bribes and overbilling in two large railway contracts, serving search and seizure warrants on Friday in six states and the capital Brasilia. Prosecutors said the operation was based on testimony from plea... Read More India: Digital payment can check black money, graft: PM Modi

Indonesia board games / South Korean fraud / China university inspection

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Can board games tackle corruption in Indonesia?  A group of women are educating bureaucrats, school children and police about the wrongs of corruption. Jeffrey Hutton/Al Jazeera:
Switzerland's ABB hit by $100 million South Korean fraud.  Swiss engineering group ABB said it fell victim to a "sophisticated criminal scheme" at its South Korean subsidiary, with the chief suspect an executive responsible for ethics training. John Revill/Reuters:
China to start anti-graft inspections in universities.  China will send anti-corruption inspectors to 29 centrally-administrated universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Be…

New Zealand bribery / India banking data / Afghanistan procurement innovation

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New Zealand's largest bribery case.  Two men were jailed for their role in the country's largest bribery case and Auckland Transport revealed six other staff left their jobs after investigations began into the scandal. Matt Nippert, Bernard Orsman/NZ Herald:
India banking data leads taxmen to corrupt officers.  Banking data gathered post demonetization is being used to launch a crackdown on corrupt bureaucrats. Pradeep Thakurl/The Times of India:
Afghanistan Project Team Wins South Asia Innovation Procurement Award 2016-2017.  The USAID-assisted On Farm Water Management Project (OFWMP), which aims to impro…

Pacific Anti-Corruption Updates – 25 Feb 2016: Solomon Islands, Fiji

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These updates are provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Anti-Corruption Project for Southeast Asia, and the joint UNODC - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) Project, with support of the Australian Government.
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SOLOMON ISLANDS: Government urged to pass Anti-Corruption Bill.  The Malaita Ma’asina Forum is calling on the Prime Minister and his government to bring the Anti-Corruption Bill before the parliament for its second reading rather than wasting time on strategy. $10-M scandal.  Five people facing criminal charges in connection to the $10 million scandal from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services will appear in the Honiara Magistrates’ …

Anticorruption Enforcement Is the Key to Democratic Consolidation–Not the Other Way Around

It is fashionable to argue that the only way to root out systemic corruption is to establish a political system characterized by genuine democratic accountability and the rule of law. Unfortunately, corruption – specifically the conflicts of interest of political and judicial leaders – does not allow for this sort of development. True, there may be democracy, but in the presence of widespread corruption it will remain in a perpetual state of unconsolidated democracy, without true rule of law. And in such weak democracies, the electoral process stimulates rather than discourages corruption: Eager to win and short on cash, politicians make deals with businesses and misappropriate public funds to finance campaigns, a vicious cycle that starts political tenure with illicit means.  Read more:

Ethical Alliance Daily News - 23 Feb 2017

South Korea: Switzerland’s ABB hit by $100 million South Korean fraud
Feb 23, 2017 08:00 pm
Swiss engineering group ABB (ABBN.S) on Wednesday said it fell victim to a “sophisticated criminal scheme” at its South Korean subsidiary, with the chief suspect an executive responsible for ethics training. The executive, named by a source in South Korea... Read More Germany: Germany working on nationwide corruption ‘black list’ – draft law
Feb 23, 2017 07:30 pm The German Economics Ministry want to create a nationwide database aimed at making it easier to block companies found guilty of fraud and other violations from receiving federal, state and local government contracts. A legislative draft viewed by Reuters calls... Read More