India non-profits / Philippine bank secrecy / EU corruption

INFO: Working in non-profits helps reduce corruption, claims study.  A study by the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, University of Alberta, and Ahmedabad University professors said individuals working in non-profit organizations stay away from unethical practices, thus limiting their likelihood of engaging in corrupt acts, improving the condition of the poor, and helping a country like India.

Read the article by Ashish Chauhan, in The Times of India.

INFO: Head of Philippines anti-money laundering agency wants absolute lifting of bank secrecy law.  The Anti-Money Laundering Council expressed its support to the absolute lifting of the bank secrecy law to combat money laundering activities in the Philippines.

Read the story by Rosette Adel, in Philippine Star.

INFO: Corrupt European countries costing EU nearly £800bn a year, says study.  Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are the most corrupt countries in the EU, according to a new European Parliament study which reveals that corruption throughout Europe is costing almost £800 billion a year, equal to 6.3 per cent of overall EU-28 GDP.

Read the story by Jonathan Owen, in Independent.

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