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INFO: Survey finds most Thais favour anti-corruption campaign in draft charter. A poll of 1,158 Thais nationwide finds that that nearly 82% of respondents favor the proposed constitiution's focus on waging an anti-corruption campaign among influential people, state officials, and politicians.

Read the story in Thai Visa News:

INFO: Cleaning up after cyber heist a test for next Philippine leader. Whoever succeeds Benigno Aquino as Philippine president will get the job of mopping up after a multi million dollar cyber heist that put the country’s safeguards against money laundering under global scrutiny.

Read the story by Andreo Calonzo, in Bloomberg:

PUBLICATION: Combating Corruption in Six Asian Countries. Asian Education and Development Studies, Vol. 5, Issue 2 on "Combating Corruption in Six Asian Countries," guest-edited by Jon S.T. Quah, is now available online (fee-based access).

Details of the Table of Contents and articles are available at:

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