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COMMENTARY: Don’t blunt the spearhead -- Why the proposed revision of Indonesia’s KPK Law is a bad idea.  "Attempts to weaken [Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission or KPK] have grown in direct proportion to the agency’s success in bringing cases against powerful individuals and institutions."

Jessica Vincentia Marpaung, Global Anticorruption Blog:

INFO: Thailand government launches online tool for public transparency.  Thailand’s Office of Electronic Government Agency and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has launched a number of additional services under their electronic media tool – GovChannel, that will help to contain corruption in the country. 

Juanita Nonwo, EMTV:

INFO: World Bank Office of Suspension and Debarment - Report on Functions, Data and Lessons Learned (Second Edition, 2007-2015). Since 2008, the World Bank has temporarily suspended 359 and debarred 368 firms and individuals. The vast majority (83%) of cases/settlements involved fraudulent practice.

Access the report here:

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