Afghan launch / India backlog / China risk

INFO: Afghan president launches new anti-corruption body.  A new anticorruption body is expected to start working, Afghanistan's president said, in a bid to respond to longstanding complaints from foreign donors about fraud ahead of vital fundraising conferences this year.

Jessica Donati, The Wall Street Journal:

INFO: India's 30 million pending court cases.  A report in 2009 by New Delhi’s high court noted that the existing backlog of around 30 million cases would take 466 years to clear, with some of the cases pending since India adopted its constitution and became a Republic in 1950.

Ankit Panda, The Diplomat:

INFO: China faces higher risk of money laundering and financing of terrorist groups, central bank official warns.  China faces the greater risk of money laundering and the financing of terrorist groups as the nation becomes more closely integrated into global markets, a senior official at the People’s Bank of China warned recently.

Wendy Wu, South China Morning Post:

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