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INFO: Crowdsourcing corruption in India's maternal health services.  Mera Swasthya Mei Aawaz is a data-driven project that gives poor women in India the chance to actively monitor and record corruption.
Deutsche Welle:

INFO: Cambodian MPs look to amend Anti-Corruption Law.  The secretary of Cambodia's Lower House Public Affairs Committee has tabled a bill to amend the Anti-Corruption Law and form a new graft-busting commission.
Eleven Myanmar:

COMMENTARY: 5 steps to curtail corruption in Pakistan.  "Building accountability is not about overcoming weaknesses - it is about a strengths-based approach that draws upon human, institutional, cultural and economic assets. Short-term fixes and anti-corruption tools might prove effective in battling graft in isolated ways. But if Pakistan - and other countries - are to truly create fair and open societies for everyone, it is going to take a much larger, generational process to build accountability. The time to start is now."
Fayyaz Yaseen and Blair Glencorse, World Economic Forum:

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