Transparency International findings / CPI visualized / Goldman-1MDB executives repercussions

Tackling the crisis of democracy, promoting rule of law and fighting corruption.  “Our findings suggest that strengthening institutions that provide democratic checks and balances, bridging the gap between laws and their implementation, and supporting public accountability and press freedoms, are interventions that can contribute to not only fighting corruption but also to the preservation and consolidation of  democratic institutions and norms.”

Coralie Pring and Jon Vrushi/Transparency International:


Visualizing corruption around the world (Resource).  The chart pulls its numbers from the recent 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index report, which has been published by Transparency International annually since 1995, with supplementary“government types” as rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Jeff Deshardins/Visual Capitalist:


Goldman could withhold some 2018 pay for top executives over Malaysia scandal.  The Wall Street firm's board approved a forfeiture provision that could withhold or pull back pay awarded top executives pending the outcome of a scandal involving a Malaysian development fund.

Liz Moyer/CNBC:

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