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Where Is the Behavioral Insights Revolution in Anticorruption? (Blog).  “For behavioral insights to trigger a genuine revolution in [anti-corruption] area, we need more published data-backed cases of success and guidelines on how to structure effective behavioral interventions.”

Ruta Mrazauskaite/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Behavioral Insights for Public Integrity – Harnessing the Human Factor to Counter Corruption (Resource).  This report describes how behavioural insights can help make integrity and anti-corruption policies more effective and efficient. It includes concrete policy applications and provides guidance for policy makers on how to use behavioural insights in designing integrity and anti-corruption policies.



PH drops in 'economic freedom' ranking due to corruption, tax burden: study.  The Philippines dropped 9 notches in the world's Economic Freedom ranking this year, settling at the 70th spot, due to issues in government integrity and taxes, among others, a recent study showed.


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