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Corruption down, but incompetence remains problem: ICW.  Despite the decrease, however, Indonesia Corruption Watch researchers noted that incompetence among lower-level local leaders was a worrisome fact that explained the rampant level of corruption at the subnational level.

The Jakarta Post:


The unscrupulous recruiters charging Hong Kong builders HK$500 a day to get them a job.  Grace Yee Hin-lai, Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) chief investigator, said the most common cases involved recruiters asking workers for a regular “referral fee” or “tea money” after the workers had been hired. Some victims, earning about HK$1,100 a day, had to hand over more than a third to a middleman.

Christy Leung/South China Morning Post:


Huawei Global Business Model Relied on Bribes and Corruption.  In the last 12 years, Huawei and its smaller Chinese rival ZTE have been “investigated or found guilty of corruption” ranging from outright bribery to making illegal political donations in as many as 21 countries, according to Andy Keiser, a former House Intelligence Committee professional staffer.

Masood Fariwar/VOA:

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