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Parliament: Law to tackle money laundering passed.  Dealers in precious stones and metals will have to register with the Law Ministry and carry out stricter checks on clients under new laws passed in Parliament, through a fully digital registration process.

Zaihan Mohamed Yusof/The Straits Times:


Government's 'zero-tolerance policy' against corruption (Opinion).  “The difference between RTI and anti-corruption laws is that the former is enforced by citizens and the latter by the government. In fact, RTI is the only law in the country that citizens can use vis-a-vis public authority. Every citizen can, therefore, be a watchman for good governance.”

Shamsul Bari and Ruhi Naz/The Daily Star:


Anti-graft official’s bribe case exposes how corruption thrives.  In an unprecedented case of corruption, a commissioner at the apex anti-graft agency has been accused of receiving bribe, and reports that the incident was in the knowledge of the political leadership have once again made it evident how pervasive corruption is in Nepal.

Prithvi Man Shrestha/The Kathmandu Post:

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