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Kalasin woman a victim of corruption in fund for disabled people.  Ratree Khamuntha, 66, was among many victims of alleged irregularities in the project for people with disability in Kalasin, Thailand whereby people were told to open bank accounts and place their ATM cards and bank books under the care of the project staff in exchange for Bt2,000-Bt4,000 in monthly allowance, not knowing there we entitled to Bt9,125 (USD280)

Jakkapong Rawiwan/The Nation:


Anti-Corruption Commission to Review Complaint Calling for Investigation of Losses of Public Funds.  The findings of the auditor general’s report on the Yangon government’s budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year—submitted to the parliament in September—has not only stoked heated discussions among lawmakers in the parliament, but also attracted much public attention to the huge loss of public funds, including through the leasing of state land and buildings to private companies at rates well below standard commercial rents.

San Yamin Aung/The Irrawaddy:


Wijeyadasa stresses need for stronger laws to battle bribery and corruption.  “The current laws only cover bribery and corruption in the public sector. But we know there is bribery and corruption thriving in the private sector as well. We need to bring in new laws to curb bribery and corruption in the private sector. We don’t have a law in reference to bribing in the guise of giving gifts or presents. There is no law on conflicts of interest or bribing foreign dealers. We need to bring in new laws covering all these sections." Higher Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said.

Saman Indrajith/The Island:

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