Interpol chief investigation / Malaysia airports champions / Pakistan no NRO

Former Interpol chief 'held in China under new form of custody'.  Meng Hongwei who is being investigated for bribery in China, seems to have been detained under “liuzhi” or “retention in custody”, which can deny detainees access to legal counsel or families for as long as six months; the measure is used by the National Supervisory Commission (NSC), China’s new super-agency.

Lily Kuo/The Guardian:


In Malaysia Airports, no landing space for corruption.  Malaysia Airports Holdings acting CEO said that Section 17a of the new act regarding gift-giving and receiving provides it with an opportunity to show its commitment to transparency, and that the company is currently working with MACC on how best to achieve this.

Robin Augustin/Free Malaysia Today


No NRO for the corrupt: PM.  Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled out the possibility of any national reconciliation ordinance (NRO) for the corrupt elements.

Hassaan Ahmed/Daily Times:

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