Indian companies debarred / International Anti-Corruption Court / Singapore procurement bribery

World Bank debars several Indian firms for fraudulent & corrupt practices.  In its latest annual report, the World Bank said Olive Health Care and Jay Modi from India have been debarred from for their fraudulent and corrupt practices

Business Standard:


Is an International Anti-Corruption Court a Dream or a Distraction? (Blog).  “An [International Anti-Corruption Court] is an exciting idea, to be sure, but given the hard-won experience derived from 16 years of the [International Criminal Court], I fear that this proposal may be a distraction from more effective responses to the worldwide scourge of grand corruption.”

Alex Whiting/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Jail for company director who bribed his way to contracts with ST Kinetics subsidiary.  Teo Siong Khoon, director and shareholder of Agrotec Interimex Trading, sentenced to seven months of jail for giving almost $212,000 in bribes to Goh Peng Choy, procurement executive of Advanced Material Engineering (AME), between September 2006 and April 2009.

Fabian Koh/The Straits Times:

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