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Good Practices in Public Sector Excellence to Prevent Corruption (Resource).  The report features: Section I an introduction to the study; Sections II and III the conceptual framework of public sector excellence and the prevention of corruption; Section IV the linkages between public sector excellence and the prevention of corruption; Section V the major findings from case studies and recommendations from the good practices; Section VI the 18 case studies sorted by the six thematic areas.

United Nations Development Programme:


International aid and development finance, corruption risks and the need for more transparency (Blog).  Considering aid and corruption in the international development space therefore requires going beyond looking at ‘how much is lost’ and encourages us to ask instead: do we know where, how and for what purpose aid and development money was spent?”

Elise Dufief/Open Government Partnership


Nepal’s fake poor.  The Poor Household Identity Cards Program was designed as a social safety net for the poorest in the most isolated parts of Nepal, but it has been hijacked by local movers and shakers in Bajura district who have inserted their names into the list of beneficiaries.

Nimendra Shahi/Nepali Times

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