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Building a peaceful and safer world through collective action in the fight against corruption (Blog).  “This will focus on setting ambitious objectives to tackle corruption together, including promoting beneficial ownership transparency, including the possibility of establishing public registries; and making sure that published contracting data and documents meet global best practices.”

Delia Ferreira, Mari Kiviniemi, Sanjay Pradan and Ulla Tornaes/Transparency International:


Irrawaddy Govt Tells Ex-Chief Minister to Return Over $3 M in Development Funds.  The Irrawaddy Region government has warned its former chief minister to return within two months the 5.2 billion kyats ($3.28 million) he collected in regional development funds but had so far failed to hand over to new government – otherwise he will face a lawsuit.

Salai Thant Zin/The Irrawaddy:


China lays down the law in corruption clampdown (Analysis).  “Once the National Supervisory Commission launches an investigation, legal counsel will not be allowed,” Qin Qianhong, a professor of law at Wuhan University, said. “This means that suspects are not only denied access to a lawyer during the liuzhi [early] phase but throughout the whole operational process where the Supervisory Commission is involved,”

Gordon Watts/Asia Times:

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