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Indonesia offers up to Rp 200 million for reporting graft.  The new regulation, issued by the Law and Human Rights Ministry, stipulates that informants who provide tips to the authorities regarding possible graft will be awarded with an official certificate and paid up to Rp 200 million (US$13,137).

The Nation:


Toward Global Standards for Defense Sector Governance (Blog).  “TI is launching an initiative to formulate, formalize, and promote a set of global principles that underpin responsible, accountable governance of military power—principles that would embrace the idea that the military must be accountable to the people and that would, if followed, improve domestic governance of the defense sector.”

Amira El-Sayed/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


North Korean Crackdown on Cellphone Use Causes Spike in Corruption.  Corruption in North Korea is on the rise as agents from the Ministry of State Security more brazenly demand bribes to look the other way when North Koreans make calls to their relatives in South Korea on their mobile phones.

Eugene Whong/Radio Free Asia:

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