Open contracting cities / India anonymous complaints / Pakistan corruption cases

Super-power procurement: four ways open contracting is making cities smart (Opinion).  “We have seen that integrating open contracting into larger city change processes can save money and time, deliver better goods and services, engage more and more diverse vendors or flag political linkages and corruption risks.”

Kathrin Frauscher and Coby Jones/Apolitical:


Don't Act On Anonymous Corruption Complaints, Government Departments Told.  India’s Personnel Ministry said no action is required to be taken on anonymous and pseudonymous complaints, irrespective of the nature of the allegation and that such complaints need to be simply filed – while the Central Vigilance Commission also issued similar instructions.



‘Corrupt’ but never convicted (Opinion).  “Those investigating and those prosecuting need to be invulnerable to pressure from above — so that political pressure cannot influence or speed up either stage, leading to a weak case reaching the courts.”

Arifa Noor/Dawn:

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