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Why re-think corruption? An introduction to the symposium (Blog series).  Increasingly, those engaged in tackling corruption – notably researchers, international financial organisations, civil society organisations and dedicated anticorruption agencies – have been calling for a ‘rethink’ of our approach, both in regard to how we understand corruption itself and also how we should go about addressing it.

Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett and Paul M. Heywood/Public Administration Review:


GPF launches environmentally and socially focused portfolio.  “Government Pension Fund (GPF), Thailand’s largest institutional investor, has launched an environment, social and governance (ESG)-focused portfolio to invest in Thailand-listed companies amid a worldwide equity sell-off.”

Wichit Chaitrong/The Nation:


Indonesia’s anti-graft agency ‘eager to intervene’ in palm oil sector.  Many palm oil companies aren’t paying their taxes, and corruption in the licensing process for plantations is rife, according to the government’s Corruption Eradication Commission.

Philip Jacobson/Mongabay:


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