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Promoting an effective and fair settlement of state-investment disputes.  “If the court system becomes ineffective due to corruption, it will not only undermine the confidence of citizens and enterprises in the justice system, but it also has a direct and significant impact on good business practices. Ensuring an effective dispute resolution mechanisms and the fair application of justice is one of the key measures to fight against corruption”.

Dang Cong San:


Spreading the word to derail corrupt practices.  A Malaysian three-coach commuter train bedecked with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) logo and carrying a message ‘Against Bribery, Building Dignity’ will now serve as a symbolic carriage to battle corruption, reminding the public to abhor corrupt practices.

Lo Tern Chern/The Star:


China’s anti-corruption campaign snares 1,689 in Guangdong in 2018.  Senior civil servants and high-ranking members of the Communist Party were among the 1,689 people arrested in south China’s Guangdong province this year on suspicion of gang-related crimes, according to the official newspaper of the anti-corruption watchdog.

Kristin Huang/South China Morning Post:


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