Governance for sustainability / Malaysia cashless society / Bangladesh opposition disqualified

Good governance is the key to sustainability (Opinion).  “Investors, whether purchasers of equity or lenders, will not invest in a market or a company they view as unstable, corrupt, or utterly lacking basic protections for their investment and contractual rights.”

Dinesh Weerakkody/Daily FT:


Dr M: Cashless society can cut down corruption.  "Cash can be used to bribe. In a cashless society, we can record the transactions and we will know those who give and those who receive bribes," says Dr Mahathir at the launching of an unlimited travel pass using MyKad for public rail and bus users, an initiative by the Transport Ministry.

Zakiah Koya/The Star:


Ex-Bangladesh PM barred from contesting this month's election.  Bangladesh's former prime minister and jailed opposition leader Khaleda Zia has been declared ineligible to contest this month's national elections over two graft convictions, authorities said.


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