Philippines anti-corruption battle / Viet Nam shipping firm / Hong Kong rail report

Battling Corruption (Editorial).  “International Anti-Corruption Day was marked last Sunday with the Philippines already having all the legal weapons to fight the scourge. What is needed is full enforcement.”

The Philippine Star:


Vietnam arrests ship firm execs for embezzling US$4.5 million.  Two executives from a near-bankrupt state-run shipbuilding company have been arrested in Vietnam on accusations of embezzling US$4.5 million in collusion with a scandal-plagued bank, as the one-party state broadens its unprecedented corruption crackdown.

The Straits Times:


Corruption allegations against construction firm at heart of Hung Hom station scandal left out of public report by MTR Corp.  Corruption allegations made against the firm accused of cutting corners in building part of Hong Kong’s most expensive rail project were reported to authorities by the city’s rail operator, but left out of its public report.

Cannix Yau/South China Morning Post:


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