Pacific Anti-Corruption Updates (22 December 2018): IACD highlights, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands

International Anti-Corruption Day 2018 highlights from the Pacific.

UN-PRAC worked in partnership with 3 key organizations; namely the Pohnpei Office of the State Public Auditor’s Office in Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji Council of Social Services and Pacific Youth Against Corruption Network in Fiji through the International Anti-Corruption Day Grants to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia: Talent Show Uses Creativity in Fighting Against Corruption

The Pohnpei Office of the State Public Auditor organized a talent show for International Anti-Corruption Day. The talent show aimed at using creative, expressive art to speak out against corruption and raise awareness on anti-corruption using songs, music jams, dances, drama, poems, presentations. The talent show was opened to the public to attend.


Live out Loud Artivism Competition Inspires Youths to Fight Against Corruption.  Pacific Youth Against Corruption Network (Fiji), Scripture Union Fiji (PYFAC Fiji) and Scripture Union Fiji organized a week-long anti-corruption program to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The program consisted an “artivism” competition themed "Live Out Loud” as part of the week long annual, national secondary school camp event organized by Scripture Union Fiji.

The activity aimed at integrating anti-corruption through strengthening moral values and ethics using Christian-based principals. The participants were secondary school students of all religious organizations, acknowledging that Christianity is not the sole religion in Fiji. Forms of art under the competition was categorized into 2 main genres: visual arts, poetry and spoken words, songs, drama and skits.



FCOSS addresses corruption by promoting dialogue. The Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS) is making an effort to reduce corruption by promoting dialogue among its partners.

Fuakilau Given OK To Travel To New Zealand. A man charged with a corruption-related matter has been allowed to travel overseas after Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili lifted the stop departure order temporarily.

WAF Employee Charged For Accepting Plane Ticket. The Water Authority of Fiji’s Regional Engineer Bulk appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court for an alleged corruption related offence.

Bail for trio denied. Two people charged with separate counts of fraudulent falsification of accounts and another charged with money laundering amounting to $699,000 were denied bail by Magistrate Jioji Boseiwaqa at the Suva Magistrates Court.



Anti-corruption and the 2019 PNG budget. Papua New Guinea’s law and justice sector is set to receive a 22 per cent increase in the country’s 2019 budget. Treasure Charles Abel says this demonstrates the government’s commitment to the sector, and to addressing crime and corruption.

PNG police discuss abuses by constabulary. At the conference, the country's top policemen are discussing how to address human rights abuses by police and alleged corruption within the force.



Solomons minister of forests arrested on corruption charges. Police in Solomon Islands have arrested and charged the forestry minister Samuel Manetoali for corruption.

Transparency Solomon Islands is deeply concerned that the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018 is currently in its second reading before the Parliament. When the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill was first introduced a few months ago, there was a huge outcry from the public opposing this Bill and the shallow policy or no policy at all behind this Bill.


To know more about the UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project please contact the team members:

Annika Wythes, Regional Anti-Corruption Adviser, UNODC,

Mihaela Stojkoska, Anti-Corruption Specialist - Pacific, UNDP,

Maria Lee, Peace & Development Administrative Assistant, UNDP/UNODC,

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