Foreign bribery enforcement / China's overseas tactics / Bangladesh grassroots movement

Foreign bribery enforcement: What happens to the public officials on the receiving end? (Resource).  The report looks at what happened to the public officials in a set of 55 concluded cases between 2008 and 2013 where OECD-based companies were punished for bribing foreign public officials

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development:


Holding Relatives Hostage: China's Newest Way of Pressuring Fugitives to Return to Face Corruption Charges (Blog).  "Holding family members hostage to force a relative to surrender to authorities is a species of collective punishment, a patent human rights' violation universally condemned by the world community."

Rick Messick/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


The grassroots movement against corruption in Bangladesh (Blog).  "The closely interconnected three-fold approach of research, advocacy and social accountability — all conducted at the local and national levels — has allowed TI Bangladesh to make huge progress against corruption in the country."

Transparency International:

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