Singapore logistics contracts / Thai voters demand / Corruption in Laos

Former CWT Logistics employee charged for corruption, cheating involving wife's company.  Teo Cheng Kit, a Singaporean who was a former assistant general manager of CTW Logistics, was charged with corruption and more than 900 counts of cheating after he allegedly deceived his colleagues, leading them to award jobs to his wife's company.

Channel NewsAsia:


Voters demand clear anti-graft policiesA survey conducted by the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Khonthai Foundation and 17 NGOs found that 19% thought economic issues were the most critical followed by education (17%) and corruption (16%). 

Bangkok Post:


Corruption Still Rife in Laos Despite Continued Crackdown Efforts.  “Corruption is intensifying,” Deputy Prime Minister Chinmany told the National Assembly, “For example, the real cost of building a kilometer of road is only $400,000 but the government ends up paying $1.7 million for it. $1.3 million is lost [to corruption],” he added.

Eugene Whong/Radio Free Asia:

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