Sri Lanka land corruption / Chinese ex-Interpol chief / 1MDB journalist interview

Fighting land corruption in Sri lanka (Blog).  “The legal element has tended to be missing from social accountability projects, but by bridging social mobilisation, legal advice and the political process, TI Sri Lanka is working towards a future where people like Sivarasa are given access to their rights, and their land.”

Transparency International:


Ex-Interpol chief facing corruption charges is expelled from Chinese government advisory body.  Meng Hongwei’s membership was revoked by The National Committee for the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) which consists of 2,000 delegates including celebrities and big corporate chiefs.

South China Morning Post:


'It's About Right and Wrong.' In Conversation With the Journalist Who Exposed the World's Biggest Corruption Scandal.  I very rapidly realized that I had gone from a grassroots cause [environmental degradation in Sarawak] to possibly the most pressing and dangerous global issue of our times, which is capitalism gone absolutely rampant.”

Suyin Haynes/TIME:

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