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Myanmar Should Adopt Formal User Fees To Displace Petty Bribery (Blog).  “In short, the proposal is to formalize some of the currently unregulated payments for government services, through the imposition of pre-identified and pre-determined “user fees,” coupled with special provisions to ensure access for the very poorest.”

Heesu Chung/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Ex-US justice official pleads guilty in 1MDB lobbying scandal.  George Higginbotham, 46, a former US Department of Justice official has pleaded guilty to banking violations as part of an attempt to lobby Washington to drop an investigation into a money laundering and bribery scheme that pilfered billions from Malaysia's 1MDB investment fund.



HESCO XEN, three line officials booked for corruption.  As rampant power theft in the jurisdiction of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) in connivance with the company’s staff continues, in a rare action, HESCO has booked its own executive engineer and three staff members in separate First Information Reports.

Z Ali/The Express Tribune:

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