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How ‘islands of honesty’ can crush a system of corruption (commentary).  "Once a corrupt equilibrium is in place, experts say, it cannot be stopped until public trust in the government’s institutions and leaders is restored. That is why the investigations that have led to scandals in South Korea, Brazil, and elsewhere are so significant….When prosecutors or other officials gain enough independence to investigate corrupt officials, that can begin to disrupt the corrupt equilibrium."

Amanda Taub/The New York Times:

Paris Summit Gives Global Lessons in Transparency.  "If you have always suspected that politicians around the world tend to belong to certain cliques and to have attended particular schools, there is now a digital tool being developed to confirm (or deny) your suspicions."

A.D. McKenzie/In Depth News:

NZ says government will be money-laundering watchdog for lawyers, estate agents.  The New Zealand government rejected a proposal for industries to police new money-laundering rules themselves, and will instead leave one government department in charge of supervising thousands more businesses.

The Indian Express:

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