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Questioning perceptions of corruption (commentary).  "We wish to introduce a whole new perspective in assessing the value of good governance, namely that we should not only see a country and its imperfections from the perspective of others, but also from the liberty that it has achieved. The liberty from the fear of financial default."

Agung Firman Sampurna, member of the Supreme Audit Agency & Dwi Hendro Widayatmoko, lecturer at Esa Unggul University/The Jakarta Post:

History of corruption: different generations of chaebol implicated in scandals.  "According to research findings - including those found in University of Suwon professor Lee Han-gu’s History of South Korean Chaebol - collusion between the government and chaebol date back to South Korea’s establishment in 1948."

The Hankyoreh:

Broader powers for South Australian judicial crime fighter.  The independent Commissioner Against Corruption in South Australia can use new powers to ­investigate judges without first receiving a complaint and can release reports on judicial misconduct if he sees fit.

Michael Owen/The Australian:

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