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Final Passage of China’s Cybersecurity Law.  "[China's Cybersecurity Law] has the potential to create significant disruption to business operators in China, in particular foreign business operators with significant online/digital presence and/or operations reliant on telecommunications network and/or the constant cross-border movement and sharing of business, employee and consumer data."

Howard Wu et al/Global Compliance News:

Indonesia anti-corruption agency signs agreement with police, Attorney-General's Office to ease monitoring of graft cases. The Corruption Eradication Commission, National Police and the Attorney General’s Office will sign an agreement to activate electronic notification of the commencement of an investigation, which enables the antigraft body to oversee the investigation of corruption cases within the two institutions.

The Jakarta Post:

Community Development Agreements: A New Anticorruption Tool? (commentary)  "Anticorruption clauses in [Community Development Agreementsin extractive industries] are a potential tool for citizens to seek redress for their corruption-induced injuries."

Michael Maruca/Global Anticorruption Blog:

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