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Indian Ministry of Defense Issues Guidelines on Suspension and Debarment of Suppliers.  On 21 November 2016, the Indian Ministry of Defense (MOD) released guidelines on suspension and debarment of suppliers for violation of its defense procurement processes, the first time that the MOD has publicly issued guidance on this subject.

Lina Braude/Global Compliance News:

US Millennium Challenge Corp. Defers Reselection of Philippines For Grant Partnership.  The Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) selected new countries while deferring the reselection of the Philippines for compact or grant partnership due to concerns over rule of law and civil liberties.

Ihrilyn Pendatun/International Business Times:

Aid Agencies Need to Improve Their Anticorruption Strategies and Implementation in Fragile States (commentary).  "Anticorruption and state-building policies are often disconnected or incoherent, and challenges rooted in the organization of the agencies prevent strategies from translating into results."

Jesper Johnson/Global Anticorruption Blog:

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