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Top Three Challenges and Good Practices in Anti-Corruption (Blog).  “Answering what are the main three challenges in fragile and conflict-affected states and developing countries was not easy; our experience is that corruption dynamics differ greatly from country to country, and across sectors.”

Diana Chigas and Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church/Tufts University:


Public access to info: Planned archives law alarms civil society.  Myanmar’s government is proposing a new law on storing records and archives which critics fear will restrict public access to state information.

Thompson Chau/Myanmar Times:


Power Dept SDO gets 5-yr jail in graft case.  In India, the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Rakesh Singh has awarded five-year imprisonment to a sub-divisional officer (SDO) of the electricity department in a graft case, which involves taking bribe from people and pressuring employees of the department to give money to him.

The Tribune:

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