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PM: Corruption must be contained for uninterrupted development.  Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the signing of the Annual Performance Agreement, which aims to promote accountability through all levels of government by evaluating their yearly performance, has asked the top government officials to be more vigilant against corruption so it does not affect the country's development in any way.

Dhaka Tribune:


Thai education system: Completely corrupt (Opinion).  “…does Thailand have one of the worst education systems in the world? Certainly not. But it’s also certainly not as good as it can be and it’s a pretty safe bet that the rampant corruption present in the system there is one of the reasons for that.” 

Sheith Khidhir/The ASEAN Post:


International Justice Day: Corruption v/s Development through the lens of SDG 16 (Commentary).  “The problem of corruption cannot be tackled or resolved without the promotion of the rule of law and without ensuring equal access to justice for everyone.”

Saanya Jain/The Statesman:

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