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Myanmar Investment Commission accused of transparency failures.  Multiple transparency failures by the Myanmar Investment Commission to publicise proposed infrastructure projects are exacerbating tensions between local communities, the government and big business – since even more than two years since the Investment Law came into force, legal requirements for disclosure by both the MIC and investors are still not met.

Thompson Chau/Myanmar Times:


Former Highways Department official in Hong Kong jailed for accepting HK$50,000 bribe from subcontractor for road project in Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel.  While no one had witnessed the transaction, the ex-chief technical officer Chan You-wai returned to Hong Kong with an envelope of 50 HK$1,000 notes stained with Cheng Cho-yee’s DNA.

Chris Lau/South China Morning Post:


Approaches to anti-corruption (Opinion).  “In conclusion, we have to realize that corruption is not only reduced by deterrence such as provided by a strict criminal code and a high risk of detection. It is also undermined by the risk that bribes may not be reciprocated.”

Henry J. Schumacher/Business Mirror:

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