UK-US extra-territorial laws / GovTech procurement recommendations / Myanmar ACC performance

Practice Alert: Key differences in UK Bribery Act guidance versus FCPA guidance (Blog).  “…given the extra-territoriality of both laws and active enforcement, many international firms will need to consider both the U.S. and UK guidance when designing and implementing their controls.”

Sam Tate/The FCPA Blog:


Thinking about GovTech – A Brief Guide for Policymakers (Resource).  “…a prevalence of disastrous, expensive IT projects points to a profound lack of government oversight in private-sector partnerships, indicating carelessness, lack of capacity, or even corruption…It is thus incumbent upon policymakers to reconceive how they buy, use, and regulate the technologies of twenty-first century governance.”

Tanya Filer/Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge:


A Look at Anti-Graft Body’s First-Year Performance (Analysis).  “With prosecutions against a number of powerful and influential but corrupt officials over the past year and a half…[Myanmar’s] anti-graft body has gained high public expectations…However, during recent parliamentary debates over the commission’s annual report for 2018, its effectiveness in handling public complaints and its investigations into misappropriations and losses of public funds—the definition of corruption under the fourth amendment to Myanmar’s Anti-Corruption Law—were questioned by lawmakers.”

San Yamin Aung/The Irrawaddy:

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