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'Culture of integrity' key to fighting corruption (Interview).  “The end goal of the nation's anti-corruption policy drive should be to establish a culture of integrity in the private sector, but the ongoing government-led institutional reforms focus mainly on the public area, according to Park Un-jong, chairwoman of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC).”

Lee Min-hyung/The Korea Times:


Kit Siang: Never forget lesson of 1MDB in order to become ‘nation of integrity’.  “If there had been no change of government a year ago, Malaysia will be hurtling towards the trajectory of a failed, rogue and kleptocratic state, pawning the rights and interests of our children and children’s children,” Lim Kit Siang, leader of Malaysia’s Democratic Action Party said; as a result, Malaysians must never forget or stop talking about 1MDB or Najib’s kleptocracy, while believing in a vision of unity, freedom, justice and prosperity for a better Malaysia in the future.

Julia Chan/Malay Mail:


Chinese Agricultural Projects in Venezuela Produce Corruption, Not Food (Opinion).  “In a 2017 speech, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Chinese companies had agreed to 790 projects in areas ranging from oil to housing to telecommunications. Of those, he said, 495 were complete. Some developments have been slowed because of corruption, people familiar with the projects said. Others got delayed because of poor management and a lack of supervision.

Jill Robbins and Angus Berwick/VOA News:

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