ASEAN SDG localization / Foreign Bribery resolutions / AI-data for accountability

SDG Localization In ASEAN: Experiences In Shaping Policy And Implementation Pathways (Resource).  The report is a collection of various case studies from across ASEAN which demonstrate the role of key enablers in localizing the SDGs, including an example from Thailand’s public procurement reform and the role of private sector in promoting good governance and anti-corruption.



New OECD Report Highlights the Importance of Non-Trial Resolutions in Foreign Bribery Cases (Blog/Resource).  “The [Resolving Foreign Cases with Non-Trial Resolutions] report finds that close to 80% of the almost 900 foreign bribery cases concluded since the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention came into force have been concluded through non-trial resolutions, and among the three most active enforcers of foreign anti-bribery laws—the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom—this percentage rises to 96%.”

Sandrine Hannedouche-Leric, Elisabeth Danon and Brooks Hickman/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Fiscal Futures: Do artificial intelligence and big data present opportunities or challenges to fiscal accountability? (Blog)  “Data that improve public accountability should be routinely used and consumed by the government to manage transactions and improve internal efficiency. Designing for government data use is a key channel for creating feedback loops that improve data quality for all users.”

Gavin Hayman/International Budget Partnership:

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