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Exclusive: Why Britain wants global procurement reform.  “While the conversation starts with tackling corruption and increasing integrity, it very quickly turns to digital transformation of government”, Warren Smith, Head of the Global Digital Marketplace Programme, UK says.

Medha Basu/GovInsider:


Maldives: What 100 days of a new presidency tells us about the fight against corruption (Blog).  The government is making progress towards its commitments, including publication of declaration of assets of senior public officials and revocation of anti-democratic laws and introduction of legislature to protect whistleblowers. While these are good first steps, immediate systemic reforms are required to combat corruption effectively.”

Mariyam Shiuna/Voice for Transparency (TI blog):


Lessons from two years of investigating corrupt land deals in Indonesia (Blog).  “The now-concluded investigative series “Indonesia for Sale” examined the corruption underpinning Indonesia’s land rights and climate crisis in unparalleled depth…In this final commentary, we explore how tackling corruption is an essential precondition for Indonesia to meet its climate targets and resolve land conflicts, and the role of government and civil society in doing so.”

The Gecko Project Blog:

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