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Fiscal Futures: Media’s Role in Reporting Fiscal Topics is a Matter of Relevance (Blog).  “The lesson for future media reporting about fiscal accountability: make it personal! …Fiscal accountability is an abstract notion that is hard to associate with real tangible impact. However, a lack of fiscal accountability translates into a whole chain of tangible consequences: fiscal mismanagement, austerity, corruption, and poverty, just to name a few. And poverty, for example, does have a face.”

Petra Blum/Transparency and Accountability Initiative:


It’s the luxuries that give it away. To fight corruption, follow the goods. (Analysis)  “In countries where paying bribes to government officials to secure government contracts or operating licences is common practice, luxury goods are often used instead of direct monetary payments. Such “gifts” do not leave a transaction trail so are less likely to result in legal action against corrupt officials.”

Reza Tajaddini and Hassan F. Gholipour/The Conversation:


Anti-Corruption in Finance Goes Hand-in-Hand With Market Development (Editorial).  “Improving financial services is obviously not just the enlargement of the market scale but is also the improvement of legal compliance with financial market systems and institutions. This necessarily requires timely follow-up and improvement of anti-corruption efforts in the financial sector.”

Caixin Global:

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