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Observatory of Public Sector Innovation – Open Government Case Studies.  A mapping by OECD of notable open government initiatives around the world, where users can screen for ‘Open Government Tags’ such as “accountability”, “anti-corruption”, “open data”, “integrity”, etc.



Malaysia: Power and Corruption (Feature video).  Al Jazeera’s101 East lifts the curtain on the alleged corruption of the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and his wife, Rosmah, and investigates how key institutions were rendered powerless as the nation's coffers were robbed.

Al Jazeera:


An effective judiciary should be independent as well as accountable (Commentary).  As I argue in my book Independence and Accountability of the Indian Higher Judiciary, both independence and accountability are needed for "an effective judiciary" which is trusted to be impartial and composed of men and women of the highest integrity…To merely emphasise one value at the cost of the other will end up eroding the very public confidence that is at the core of judicial functioning”

Arghya Sengupta/The Economic Times:

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