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Corruption and Your Money (Blog).  “The chart shows that overall, the least corrupt governments collect 4 percent of GDP more in tax revenues than countries at the same level of economic development with the highest levels of corruption.”

IMF Blog:


Why the WTO should tackle border corruption (Blog).  “In sum, the [World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body] provides a forum well suited to combat trade-related bribery. A limited anticorruption agenda fits neatly within the WTO’s ambit and would make valuable use of the DSB’s expertise and resources.”

Jonathan Eubank/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Fiscal Futures: Financial transparency in the era of financial war (Blog).  “It may be necessary for stewards of global financial integrity to take a more assertive stance on the responsible use of economic sanctions lest years of progress in improving global regulations and supervision be undone in an environment of financial warfare where global financial integration is tantamount to entering a blast radius, and where domestic reforms, such as increased budget transparency, become akin to exposing the location of a piece of critical infrastructure and leaving it vulnerable to attack.”

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj/International Budget Partnership:

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