KPK leaders bomb / Maldives ex-government investigation / Malaysia 1MDB rundown

Bombs found at Indonesian anti-graft commission leaders' houses.  Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leaders Agus Rahardjo and Laode Syarif were the target of terror threats, with unknown assailants placing what appeared to be bombs at their houses.

The Straits Times:


Maldivians asked to report on possible graft of prior gov’t.  The Maldives’ government has asked citizens to report information regarding allegations of corruption and abuse of power during the tenure of the strongman leader defeated in elections last year.

Bharatha Mallawarachi/The Washington Post:


The 1MDB heist was one of the largest kleptocracy scandals in history (Feature/Opinion).  Click below for a collection of highlights, fun facts and analyses about the case.

Aisha Hassan/Quartz Obsession:

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