China asset recovery / Anti-corruption practitioners' practices / Thailand transparency undermined

China's anti-corruption campaign recovers $519 million in a year.  More than 1,000 Chinese fugitives who fled abroad were returned to the country last year and more than $519 million in ill-gotten gains was recovered, the ruling Communist Party said, in what it is seen as a further victory in President Xi Jinping's years-long drive against corruption.

NBC News:


Do Anticorruption Advocates Practice What They Preach? (Blog).  Published procedures and other arrangements safeguard the organization and its staff, and to give the organization more credibility when criticizing the lack of transparency and accountability of others.

Alan Doig/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


Thaksin, Prawit allies in undermining transparency (Opinion).  “In comparing the two men, though, it is no overstatement to say they both did Thailand a disservice by undermining efforts, however weak thus far, to improve transparency in politics and the civil service.”

The Nation:

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