Integrity Pact myth / 1MDB companies probe / NepalLeaks expose reports

Powerful tool or paper tiger? Integrity Pacts reality checked – Part 1 (Blog).  “Claim #1: Having an Integrity Pact is a certification of a corruption-free procedure. Reality Check: Sadly not!”

Transparency International:


Deloitte and KPMG investigated over involvement in Malaysia’s 1MDB corruption scandal.  The Malaysian Securities Commission confirms it is looking to the firms to determine if they were “aiding and abetting in this scandal, or merely negligent.”; this move comes after criminal charges have already been filed against Goldman Sachs.

Tashny Sukumaran/South China Morning Post:


#NepalLeaks: How Illegal Funds Are Channeled Into Nepal In the Name Of Foreign Direct Investment.  An expose of massive operations in which business people funnel illegal income through tax haven countries and repatriate the wealth into Nepal as Foreign Direct Investment.

Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal/Kathmandu Tribune:

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