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The effect of corruption perception on tax revenues (Op-ed).  “The effect that corruption perception can have on tax revenue collection is interesting, since citizens might find a moral ground to evade taxes.”

Meliha Ahmed/Dhaka Tribune:


Graft cases on the rise in Malaysia because people no longer fear reporting them: PM Mahathir.  Speaking on Malaysia’s experiences in fighting corruption at the International Anti-Corruption Academy, Dr Mahathir said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is giving people who report corruption cases more protection under the whistleblowers act.

Asia News Network:


Hopes of ending graft lie in presidential support (Analysis).  “If the President can control corruption in the police and prosecutor’s office, KPK commissioners and its staff will not have to fear being criminalized when they investigate corruption among the political elite.”

J. Danang Widoyoko/The Jakarta Post:

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