Pakistan anti-corruption vow / ICAC regaining trust / Anti-corruption success exception

Pakistan's Khan Names Cabinet, Vowing to Eliminate Corruption. Imran Khan was sworn in as Pakistan's prime minister on Saturday after winning a vote from a majority lawmakers with a pledge to curb corruption through "ruthless accountability."

Kamran Haider/Bloomberg:


With succession question settled, graft watchdog can now regain trust and move on (Editorial).  "There was a time, unfortunately, when personnel changes at the Independent Commission Against Corruption had fueled speculation and doubts about its integrity. Now that the issues are being settled, there is hope that the watchdog can regain public trust and move on."

South China Morning Post:


Why are anti-corruption success stories still the exception? (Blog).  "The way to play an infinite game is to make decisions based on values — which are infinite — rather than solely based on interests — which are finite."

Nieves Zuniga/Voices for Transparency:

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