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Guest Post: The One Belt, One Road Initiative Needs a Centralized Anticorruption Body (Blog).  "I suggest that one way—perhaps the best way—to achieve the requisite level of anticorruption coordination in the context of the OBOR initiative is to establish a supranational anticorruption body with oversight for OBOR projects. That is, I advocate the creation of a "Silk Road Anticorruption Body" that would have four primary functions:…[coordinating investigations, financial regulations, policy coordination and guidance, and facilitating integration of anticorruption provisions in future agreements."

Edmund Bao/The Global Anticorruption Blog:


PACC chief selection 'unlawful'. Thailand's Central Administrative Court has ruled the selection of the new secretary-general of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) is unlawful although the secretary-general can keep his job for now.

Bangkok Post:


Corruption Creates Difficulties Recruiting from Philippines. New Zealand employers hiring workers from the Philippines were affected by a ban imposed by the Philippines Government on the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) due to corruption within the organization, which is in charge of issuing Overseas Employment Certificates for workers to leave the country to work abroad.

Sebastian Shaw/Scoop: 

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