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Graft is alive and well on Asia's 'badland' borders (Commentary).  “Paradoxically, in Southeast Asia, the level of corruption between Laos and Cambodia could affect not only China's BRI but also other cross-border schemes and cooperation efforts -- not least between member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.”

Marco Ferrarese/Nikkei Asian Review:


Key Amendment To India's Anti-Corruption Legislation Has Significant Implications For Multinationals Doing Business In India.  “While the Amendment affords MNCs the opportunity to mitigate their potential exposure by adopting a robust anti-corruption compliance program, the dearth of [the Prevention of Corruption Act] enforcement against private companies leaves significant ambiguity as to how Indian prosecutors will evaluate compliance programs.”

Geoffrey M. Atkins, Andrew J Dale, and Karen Oddo/Mondaq:


Southeast Asia May Be Building Too Many Dams Too Fast.  “There have been many allegations of corruption tied to the awarding of construction contracts.”

Stefan Lovgren/National Geographic:

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