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Creating a fair business environment to promote sustainable development and growth in ASEAN (Press release).  The new UNDP regional project, 'Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN', aims to promote a fair business environment in the region by developing transparent systems in both public and private sectors, championing sustainable business practices, as well as strengthening rule of law and anti-corruption mechanisms.

United Nations Development Programme:


China Fighting Tax Corruption with Blockchain.  "[O]ne of the methods believed which could help eliminate the use of fake invoices is to start making people, companies, and others submit their applications for tax reimbursement via a blockchain."

Yaron Mazor/FXEmpire:


Home affairs ministry probes official's quick promotions.  Viet Nam's Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that it was looking into the case of a high-level official in Bình Định Province who was awarded a number of promotions in quick succession, the latest step the government is taking to crack down on corruption.

Viet Nam News:

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